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Three Rivers Air
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Dugas Pest Control

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Acadian House Kitchen
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“Within weeks of beginning the series, my profits increased by 10% in service sales and 100% in product sales. Thank you Dan Zimanski and ActionCOACH for such an enlightening program!”

– Shiela Gunderson
Stadium Cuts

“The SYB Series really helped me focus on building the foundation of my business instead of just cooking delicious food and serving customers. I now have a much better understanding of my role and where to invest time and money. I really believe this will lead me to accomplishing my goals. Northshore ActionCOACH is awesome!”

– Kathy Williams
K.Gee’s Restaurant

“This series has helped me get back to basics, forcing me to focus and plan – something I preach to my own clients. There are so many things to learn, whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned business person. If you want to take your business to the next level, you should definitely invest the time to take these classes.”

– Michele Moore Echols, JD, LL.M
Echols & Associates, LLC

“I have had the pleasure of utilizing both Dan’s One-on One Action Coach services and the Simplify Your Business (SYB) Group Coaching program, one of the best investments we’ve ever made.

The SYB program has helped our company focus its efforts on the more profitable sections of the company while slowly weeding out the aspects that are more time absorbing and not as worthwhile. Not only do these efforts help strengthen our relationships with our top customers but lays out a long term game plan that we can focus on.

I’m happy to recommend the SYB program to anyone that wants to improve their business and is not afraid of doing the work to get there.”

– Trey Matula
Picture This Advertising

We own a successful and thriving IT business and always look for new and innovative ways to build and grow our business. While we had several pieces of the puzzle already in place, we now see numerous additional opportunities in our business that we are now aggressively pursuing and implementing. We enjoyed going through the Simplify Your Business group coaching series with other local business owners who shared best practices, gave us ideas and suggestions and helped hold us accountable to our goals. Knowing that other business owners are going through the same challenges and having others to share successes with was exceptionally refreshing. We will have our best year ever and appreciate Dan helping us implement the ActionCOACH system into our business! I recommend this program to all local business owners looking to take their business to the next level.

– Bo Jakins
Bridge Net

“My sales team has grown since working with Dan Zimanski. With his encouragement, we
have turned challenges into opportunities and increased productivity by setting specific goals.

His ability to relate to each team member has helped us move to the next level as a group. I
sincerely recommend Dan—he has made a positive impact on our business.”

– Lori Murphy,
Inside Northside

“Dan Zimanski has worked with Advanced Hand Specialists, LLC, assisting Missy and me in
defining our business goals, helping us to understand how our business works and how we
can make it work for us.  In our first few sessions, we identified several key performance
indicators for our business that have helped us to maximize our profit and minimize costs.  It
has been both educational and fun to work with Dan.  He is truly a coach, pushing us to be better managers and encouraging us to dream big.  He has been a great asset to our business, and I trust others will find his coaching to be just as valuable.”

– Dolly B. Smith, MPS, LOTR, CHT and Missy N. Hymel, LOTR, CHT; co-owners,
Advanced Hand Specialists, LLC

“ActionCOACH has really helped us open our eyes to the true reality of being a small business
owner in the present market today!  We have learned how unprepared we are as business
owners.  The first step for a business owner is to recognize the needs of their business and the second step is to seek help for those needs, and that’s where Dan Zimanski comes in!  We enjoy being held accountable for  our goals on a weekly basis.  Although it is not easy to be a small business owner, it is better knowing you have a team that is qualified to make your company a success long term.  Dan has given us an outside point of view of our company that we as owners would have never  known unless told.  We are happy to have Dan a part of our Three Rivers team!” –

– Calvin & Allyson McMahon; owners,
Three Rivers Services

“Dan is providing much needed accountability regarding priorities and organization in my business.  There are not many individuals that I would feel comfortable with sharing all of my business blunders, etc…  Dan is someone that is very trustworthy and yet motivated and dedicated to providing you and your business with a great service.  He is very good at providing a professional atmosphere that trains you out of your bad habits and into positive goal oriented business tasks that you want to continue even when they are outside of your comfort zone.”

– Julie Gilchirst,
Oreck of Hattiesburg