Business owner survey

We’re surveying small to medium businesses like yours to identify common needs and challenges you have in growing your business. If you could help us by answering a few brief questions, we’d like to offer you your choice of ten FREE e-books with valuable tips that can save you time and money.

Thanks in advance for your time. We hope you enjoy your free e-books.

Company Name:
1.) Did you achieve your goal/budget for the 1st Quarter of 2014? YesNo
2.) What specifically would you like to change in your business the remainder of 2014 to help you make more money and/or work less?
3.) Please rank the following areas in order from 1 – 6 (one being the most important) where you feel you need the most help in your business:
   A.) I need to better understand the financials of my business so I can improve profitability
   B.) I need to be more efficient with my time so I can focus my efforts on building the business instead of working in the business
   C.) I need to be a better Manager/Leader so that my business will work without me and I can spend more time with my family
   D.) I need to develop an exit strategy so that I can maximize the return on the investment that I made in my business when I sell it
   E.) I need help because I am currently stuck, but want to achieve my goals more quickly and live life to the fullest.
   F.) I need to distinguish my business from our competition so that I can increase market share quickly along with attracting the best customers/clients