TrustedTeam Pairs with ActionCoach to Help Small Businesses Grow

Posted: May 7th, 2013 | Author: Dan Zimanski

3499219PORTLAND, OR, February 28, 2013 — TrustedTeam, a new online referral-marketing platform, has announced a strategic alliance with ActionCOACH business coaching. Founded in 2011, Portland based TrustedTeam is preparing to move out of a successful beta phase and open its network to business owners and professionals across the globe.

TrustedTeam’s cloud-based model provides a collaborative marketing environment that leverages the strength of professional relationships. The online co-marketing engine allows professionals and small businesses to cross-promote members of their team. The result is an increase in both the reach of their marketing communications, and the overall value of their marketing efforts.

One of the most dynamic tools available to TrustedTeam partners is a monthly email campaign produced and ready for partners to send to their distribution lists. The monthly email is completely automated by TrustedTeam, but allows partners to customize the message for their specific audience.

ActionCOACH, founded by Brad Sugars in 1993, is a worldwide franchise with 1,000 offices in 49 countries around the world. The leader in business coaching, ActionCOACH provides business owners the tools they need to improve their business through its proven system of business development. Coaches help small and medium sized businesses guarantee results with strategies designed to improve their sales, marketing, management, team building and other components of successful businesses.

“We believe that the opportunity to work with ActionCOACH is a tremendous value add for our TrustedTeam partners,” said Brandon Barnum, CEO at TrustedTeam. “Working with a coach unlocks true potential, and our job is to help our business partners reach that potential. Our relationship with ActionCOACH is a natural fit.”

ActionCOACH U.S. and Canada CEO Jodie Shaw agreed.

“By working globally with Trusted Team, we can bring the systems and tools of the industry’s leading business and executive coaching company to thousands of business owners and executive teams creating world abundance through business re-education,” she said.

The concept of a strategic Alliance between the two companies emerged from the experience of one of ActionCOACH’s local coaches, Terry Elton. Terry was part of the beta phase for TrustedTeam, and after one year he saw an increase of over $31,000 in his business; he attributed that success to the TrustedTeam model. Elton went directly to Sheri Winesett, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at ActionCOACH. Winesett is in charge of Strategic Alliances for the international company and immediately saw the value of introducing the TrustedTeam model to their network of Business Coaches around the world.

“The TrustedTeam model is at the core of a sound business marketing strategy, ” said Winesett. “It builds on the collaborative spirit and synergy of successful team members.”

What sets the Trusted Team model apart from other referral networks is the “nature of the connections between members of the team,” said Barnum. “Our model is based on the personal and professional relationships between business; quality over quantity.”

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SOURCE: TrustedTeam, Contact: Brandon Barnum (503) 303-4153

Advice from a Raving Fan

Posted: April 5th, 2013 | Author: Dan Zimanski

4140792I already LOVE your business- Make it easy, natural & rewarding for me and I will happily promote & sell for you!

1. Make me a raving fan FIRST. Offer excellent products and service. Track the number of transactions and the amount I spend. Your loyal customers are your raving fans, even if they are not vocal about it. But you have to track customer behavior to really know who your most loyal customers are.

2. Give me an easy way to refer others, and reward me for doing it. Reward my friend too and you’ll get more referrals. Don’t offer this to me until I am a raving fan though! Make it part of your “thank you” to me for being a loyal customer once I’ve hit a certain # or $ of transactions.

3. Make it exclusive. Don’t offer a % off coupon – give me a gift certificate that covers at least the cost of one item you sell. And give my friend (your newest customer and soon to be raving fan!) an even better reward. If my friend gets $20 out of it and I get $5, I’m very likely to make a point to tell my friends because it would be selfish not to give them a free $20! (The amounts obviously vary by business; don’t expect a $5,000 purchase for $25—be realistically generous).

4. Test and measure! Quantify how much you’ve earned for each referral. Offer me bonuses for reaching certain referral status levels. I bet I’ll cost you a lot less than a sales person, and I certainly will not be wasting time cold-calling!