Business Consulting in New Orleans, LA

From ActionCOACH of Louisiana

Is your business not doing as well as it should in today’s highly competitive marketplace? Or are you ready for a major change and not quite sure where to start?

Maybe it’s time to get some help.

If you’ve been considering business consulting for your New Orleans area business, ActionCOACH can help you boost your sales, manage your cash flow, implement effective advertising and marketing strategies, and build stronger teams. To find out more, call ActionCOACH at 504-957-8082.

Do I Need a Business Consultant?

A consultant is an expert who teaches you a variety of skills, and devises a plan of action that will help you move forward with specific projects that will help grow your business. At ActionCOACH, we’re definitely not taking anything away from the practice of business consulting, but (as you might guess from our name) we think a business coach is a better option.

So what’s the difference?

Consultants and coaches both have many years of experience. But whereas a consultant is focused on specific projects, a coach is more focused on bringing out the best in you, and helping you to identify factors that might be holding you back. Your coach helps you to develop both short-term and long-term strategies, and improve your business in areas that you might not even have thought of.

Your coach is also a source of guidance, support and encouragement. We help you focus on what you have to do in order to perform effectively, and we’ll always be truthful with you – sometimes to the point of bluntness. So, if you’re investigating business consulting for your New Orleans business, think about working with a coach.

ActionCOACH will:

  • Re-educate you about how your business works, and how you can help it to grow
  • Offer ways of applying that re-education to various business situations
  • Deliver proven systems that will help you become more profitable and effective
  • Help you unlock your company’s full potential

Whatever your goals, we can help you achieve them.

How ActionCOACH Works

Our business coaching methods stack up to the best of them – our system has been developed, refined, tested, and proven worldwide. ActionCOACH business coaching can be delivered one-on-one, or in group sessions. You and/or your people will have full access to all of our programs and coaching strategies, and we’ll show you a number of possibilities for building your business.

You’ll also have access to better than 3,500 strategies and techniques that make up our coaching system. And we’ll never recommend any program without ensuring that you fully understand exactly how it will work, and what you can expect in terms of results and outcomes.

Our Guarantee

With ActionCOACH, you’ll be getting outstanding results. In fact, within just 17 weeks of completing your coaching, you’ll “find our fee” in your business. We’ve tested our programs extensively, and they’ve been used and proven globally, so we know that you’ll see amazing results in terms of increased profits, a more effective team, or whatever other goals you and your coach agree upon.

However, if you feel that you haven’t seen the benefits, here’s the deal – you attend all coaching sessions and do the work your coach assigns, and we’ll keep on coaching you, at no charge, until you’re satisfied.

Call ActionCOACH today at 504-957-8082 and get started on your business consulting in metro New Orleans!